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Wild Store Volunteers and Gun Raffle

By Geno Palazzari, 09/18/19, 8:00AM MDT


Wild Store Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help with the Wild Store this season. The Wild Store is a wonderful way to help raise funds for GHA and meet new people. It's also one of the few ways the help the organization and stay warm! There will be times at youth home games, practices and junior games. Contact Vice President Crystal Kellebrew with questions or to volunteer.

Gun Raffle Fundraiser

GHA will be conducting the Gun Raffle fundraiser again this year. Thanks to all of our efforts we made over $38,000 last year! That goes a long way toward keeping our fees in check.

The raffle will operate similar to last year, each family will need to sell one book of 15 tickets per player. The tickets sell for $20/piece. A deposit check of $300 per book of tickets will need to be given to GHA when ticket books are picked up. The deposit check will be returned when the book(s) are sold. If you don't sell all the tickets in your book, you will get the balance of sold versus unsold tickets (e.g. you sell 10 tickets, you will get $200 back).

There will be opportunities to sell tickets at Sportsman's Warehouse and other local businesses throughout the season. Tickets will be made available in the next few weeks. Contact Vice President Crystal Kellebrew with questions.