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Final GHA Team Name/Logo Poll

By Geno Palazzari, 05/27/20, 6:00PM MDT


The poll will close on Sunday, May 31st at 5pm.

This is the Final Poll to choose the new team name and logo for the Gillette Hockey Association. After analyzing the poll results, these six team name/logo combinations were at the top of the results. Please choose them in order of your preference: 1 being your Most Favorite - 6 being your Least Favorite. If you would like to review what the options look like, they are at

Please do not repeat any answers. The software does not allow for a choice to be removed once it has been used.

Data analysis: We analyzed the data two different ways due to the fact that some members didn't rank all 21 mascots and we did not want to throw anyone's vote out. Analysis One added up the ranking of each choice for all submitted votes. Analysis Two calculated the average ranking for each choice. The Top 4 were the Grizzlies, Knights, Ice Wolves, Bombers with Steel and Rangers swapping the 5 and 6 spots depending on the analysis chosen. The original plan was to release the poll with the Top 5 but with Steel and Rangers swapping places for the 5th spot we decided it was only fair to include both for consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the poll. The poll will close on Sunday, May 31st at 5:00 p.m.