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Open Letter to GHA Players and Parents

By Geno Palazzari, 08/27/20, 6:45PM MDT


We wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone on the latest in our attempt to have a youth hockey season this year. As we stated in the past, our intention is to have a season this year and that is the intention and desire of each of the associations in Wyoming. We are working together with each association, as well as WAHA President George Stilson, to craft a statewide variance to allow for hockey to be played as normal regardless of where we play in Wyoming. 

The way it stands right now, we can practice but no contact is allowed. This should not present a problem for now as our early season clinics are skills-based with no contact required. The current health orders from the State run through September 16th. We are hopeful that at that time the new guidelines will allow for indoor contact sports. They recently made accommodations to allow fall outdoor contact sports to move forward. We hope to see this trend continue for winter sports. 
The three junior hockey teams in Wyoming are also working on this, as well as youth basketball and wrestling programs. This combined effort should be helpful, as well as examples from other states (like Montana) that now have plans to move forward with hockey.
We will keep everyone updated as the situation changes. If the guidelines are not in our favor on September 16th, there should be another update in mid-October, if the State Heath Office continues the trend. While we would like to have certainty before then, there is still time to work out a solution. 
Hockey is one of the most difficult sports to play. We have a bunch of people that learned how to play this difficult sport that are now working to make sure we can have a season. We can do this. Thank you all for your patience and support.