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Gillette Hockey Association Board Election

By Geno Palazzari, 02/22/21, 6:00PM MST


Here are the nominees for the 2021 GHA Board of Directors. Once you have had a chance to read their statements, you can vote for your choices on the 2021 GHA Election Ballot.



Good day, My name is Jeff Hill and I moved here to Gillette on July 1st 2019 with my four children. After being here for 6 months I met my current fiancé and we have 8 kids combined. My Oldest child 15 is on the high school team, My 12 year old son is a 12U and my 10 year old son is 10U. 

I was offered a position as the Operations Manager for a oilfield service company called Newkota Services and Rentals. My duties include but don't end at being responsible for up to 80 people and 14 different jobs at the same time, dispatching all crews and rentals, all purchase orders, finding new clients, maintaining relationships with existing clients, hiring and so on. I believe my management skills can help Guide GMHA to developing these kids not only into good hockey players but successful individuals if they complete GMHA programs. 

I believe my extensive hockey background will help this organization not only get better but succeed in all levels. I grew up in the Cowichan Valley Playing Both AA and AAA hockey for the Cowichan Valley Capitals. I was privileged to be coached throughout minor hockey from an ex NHL player named Greg Adams. Growing up I was taught to give 100 percent at all times on the ice as well as off the ice. Including academics and every day living. 

When I was in Canada I coached my oldest sons Bantam team as well as my younger sons traveling team. I enjoy coaching not only my kids but others for many reasons. The biggest reasons are watching the kids growth as well as for the love of the game. I am a big believer in playing the game the right way. And you learn by playing with kids equal in skill level or better as well as not only individual skills but team drills as well. Including team bonding and dry land training. 

I was on the Fix Creek Golf club board in Canada in 2015-2018 as the President, There my duties included cost management, hiring over seeing all course renovations and insuring that 3rd party contractors were completing all tasks in a safe and timely fashion. Insuring the Pro shop was ran correctly and over seeing what equipment was being sold. 

There are many reasons id like to be a member of the GMHA board including helping make the organization better for all kids and parents that play the game and come to support their children. I believe with my Hockey background and my drive to continuously want to make things better and more efficient that I can help make this organization be the powerhouse of minor hockey in Wyoming that many parents and children in this organization believe it should be. If allected I have many ideas as well as statistics backing these ideas that will help the growth of the organization at both skill level and personnel. At the end of the day this is a game but it is a game that is to be played with 100 percent effort and to have fun and be apart of a team. 

Thanks for reading this and no matter the outcome I truly want to see this organization get better as I have kids in this organization for many years to come.


Hello to the Gillette Hockey Association:

My name is Nicklaus Dillinger, and I am running for President-Elect. I currently have a Mite, soon to be Squirt participating in GHA. Additionally, I spent 6 years as a player in GHA, and my younger brother Trent, completed mini-mite to high-school hockey for GHA then played five years of junior hockey for the Wild and several North American Hockey League Teams.

In my professional life, I am an attorney at Lubnau Law Office, PC, and many of my daily duties such as writing, conflict resolution, planning and legal interpretation would be useful to the GHA Board. In addition to running for the GHA Board, I currently serve as the Vice-Chair for the Council of Community Services in Gillette, serving on the financial committee and helping to grow the services of the Council to our community.

The reason I am running for President-Elect of the GHA Board is to continue giving back the hockey community in Gillette, build on the strong legacy of GHA and to help grow our organization. Since the Gillette Hockey Association’s inception in 1995, the program has grown from around 80 players to over 150 players per season. During this growth, GHA has won a number of state titles, advanced several players into junior hockey and college hockey programs and been a valued member of the Gillette Community.

As President-Elect, I would like to continue to build on the success and growth of our program and try to implement additional organization, player development and unity among the age groups of our program. The development of hockey players at each level of our program as hockey players and young men and women in our community is crucial to continuing the success and advancement of our program. Additionally, bridging the gap between our youngest and older members and creating more unity within our program would give our children the ability to set goals to advance in GHA and to give more support to the other levels of our program.

I appreciate your time and consideration of my nomination, and respectfully request your vote for President-Elect.


I am running for the position of the President of GHA. My wife Mary and I have two players in the GHA. Dottie and Noah have played under GHA since the mite level. Dottie currently is PeeWee and High School girls level, Noah is finishing squirts level.  I have been an assistant coach for the past two seasons at the Squirt level. This year I became an official, and plan to continue for many years to come.   Currently I am a MSHA inspector, and inspect the coal mines around the Basin as well as in Montana and Rock Springs. Before MSHA I worked in law enforcement for 11 years, as a City Police Officer and Wyoming State Trooper.  Both of these positions have given me the skills to be a strong leader and make fair and non-biased decisions.  I have also learned how to converse with people in many different situations. I am approachable, and have learned to listen to people's situations to help figure out the best solution for the problem at hand. I have had the chance to meet and get to know many of our great members and families in our association. I know these relationships will greatly help me in being a member and leader in the association board. I want to see our association develop great student athletes who will have a bright future ahead of them.  One of my goals within our association is to see funds that are raised by the different age groups be used for direct development within those age groups.  I would like to see camps held to develop our players' skill sets, outside of the normal ice time practices. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for our association, and the advancement of our great players and teams.

Vice President

My name is Crystal Kellebrew and I am running for the GHA Vice-President position. I have served as the Vice-President for the last three years. I filled a vacant position in December 2018 and was then re-elected in March of 2019. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Board and would like to continue the efforts of helping GHA grow and help develop more fundraising opportunities for the benefit of the players.  Alongside my VP Position duties, I have worked hard to keep our store moving in a positive direction. As most of you know my husband (Karsen) and I have two children who both currently play hockey through the association; Kellen is a Squirt and Tavey is a Peewee. My children/family love hockey, I am sure they will continue to play for quite a few years, and I would like to be involved and help where I can. My husband has been an Assistant Coach to the Midget Team for the past few years and has been a head coach to both our kids’ teams since they started as Mites. It feels like our second home is the ice rink and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have been employed by the Campbell County Conservation District for 15 years as the Education Coordinator, as part of my job I write grants for our education program.  I have served on the Wyoming Conservation District Employee Association Board for over 12 years and three of them I served as the Vice-President. I currently serve on the Wyoming Project Learning Tree Steering Committee along with numerous other committees throughout my time at the Conservation District.  If anyone has any questions, they can contact me at (307) 660-1640.


My name is Jonathan Bare this year I will be running for the Vice President position that is coming available next season. I currently have one son that plays for GHA at the peewee level. Sence my son started playing hockey we have been very in evolved with the teams he has played for. Helping out with events for the team, planning and help with state tourments and i have also had the opportunity to help coach for GHA as well for the past two season. I work for a company called SLS West we specialize in installing and maintaining lubrication systems on heavy machinery.We also supply most of the local coal mines with bulk lubricants such as grease and oil. Some of what I do in my day to day might help and be useful for the GHA program such as planning, organization of tasks, and abbility to work alone or with a team of people to accomplish a common goal.

I have not been part of a non-profit board befor but I am involved in alot of non-profit events were we raise money to help veterans in our local community.We have also started an event to help children and schools in our community as well. With the events we put on we raise around $25000 a year to help people in our community. Last year alone we were able to give Christmas gift to over 40 veterans with our Shop for a vet Christmas fund raiser. I would like to have the opportunity to work along side the people who have started a great program here in gillette with GHA. GHA is by far one of the best youth programs in gillette and I would only like to see it grow and become even better. I believe that with my positive attitude, work ethic and local ties to the community I could be a great addition to the GHA program and its future endeavors.


My name is Mike Schirmer and I'm running for VP.

I have one child in GHA u14. Vance has been playing for 6 years in GHA. I am also an off ice official for Gillette Wild JR team, for the last 4 years. My Wife {Sheila} and I volunteer for the GHA and Gillette Wild JR team anytime we can. We enjoy hockey. We Billet for the Gillete Wild JR team.

I work for Eagle Specialty Materials, As a heavy equipment operator. I feel my Job would help me on the Board, as I have to make decisions based on what's going on in the pit, I also have to work as a team member with my co-workers and feel this will also need to happen on the board.

No, I have not been on a non-profit board.

I feel I can help to make the GHA program better, and help make the store better, open more. I also have ideas of how to make GHA more money. I am a hard worker and dedicated to what I need to do, and always do the best I can.



My name is Geno Palazzari and I am running for the secretary position. I was elected to this position in 2019 and am running again. I have one son in GHA playing at the 12U level. Our family became involved in hockey in Gillette when the mite program was under the Gillette Wild junior team and that is when I began coaching. I have been coaching for eight years and have been an on-ice official for 5 years. I coach and ref for GHA because there has been a need for people in those positions. The same goes for serving on the board. I don't have an agenda or ulterior motive. I want to help in any way I can and move the organization in a positive direction.

Tournament Director


Hey, I am Ashton McNalley and a current coach of the Girls 19U program here in Gillette, WY. I grew up in Gillette, WY until I was 14 years old and then moved to Colorado to play AA, AAA, and Varsity High School. I then moved on to play for Colorado Mesa University. I have an undergrad in Business and Sports Management with a minor in Law, and a master’s program in Athletic Administration. I have been coaching youth hockey for 12 years at peewee, bantam, high school, and girls’ levels. I was on the board previously as a tournament director 4 years ago, and my job at the time conflicted with the schedule and I resigned due to the schedule conflict. 

What board position you are running for?

I am running for the board position of tournament director.

How many players and at what level do you have in GHA (past and present)?

I do not have any kids in the program, because I don’t have kids.

What do you do in your day job? Will those talents be useful for the GHA board?

My day job I work at FedEx Express as office staff and driving staff when needed. I do not think a lot of those talents in my day job will transfer over to the GHA board, but I know that my education and degrees and my experience coaching, and hockey will be useful to the GHA board.

Have you participated on other non-profit boards?

I was previously on the GHA board as tournament director and had to resign due to a conflict of schedule.

Why do you want to be a part of the GHA board?

I want to be apart of the GHA board because I am a product of GHA and went on to play high levels of hockey, so my goal is to make the process easier for kids who want to go further with hockey and play at higher levels. I also want to grow the program into something that more kids and families will want to be apart of and grow the sport of hockey in our community and in the state. I think that my skills and knowledge will be highly beneficial to the GHA board to get it to be a bigger and steady program for youth hockey.


Hello! I am excited to run for the Tournament Director position. I am running for this position because I have a heart of service and I love to organize and plan. I currently have two sons in hockey. One is a first year Mite, and the other is a second year Squirt. Our family has developed a passion for the sport of hockey over the last several years. As a family we are very active in our community. I have helped coach our boys in soccer and t-ball. I have also volunteered as a team mom for baseball, football, and hockey. Outside of sports, I have served as the CCSD SWAT TEAM Co-Founder/Treasurer for the past 17 years. I help coordinate our elementary programs, as well as apply for and manage grant funding each year. I teach at Rozet Elementary in my spare time.

I believe that a Board should consist of indivuals that are willing to come together to facilitate the best possible experience for the players, coaches, and families. It takes honesty, cooperation, flexibility, grit, and a heart of service. I feel I have all of these qualities, and hope to be a part of moving our local hockey program progressively in the right direction. I feel it would be beneficial to our association to hold pond hockey or other non-WAHL hockey tournaments to bring in revenue for our association. Hockey is an amazing sport, and I would be honored to serve our Grizzlies as the next Tournament Director.

Thank you for your consideration.

Equipment Director


My name is Shane Harris, and I am running for the position of Equipment Director for the Gillette Hockey Association.  My son is currently in his second year of squirts and has been involved in Gillette Hockey since the age of four, and my daughter has just started her first year of Blades and Avalanche.  I work for a local gas transmission company as the supply chain lead for all activities in the Powder River Basin.  In this role I am responsible for the quoting, bidding, procuring, expediting and receiving of nearly all the capital projects as well as assisting with purchasing for the day-to-day operations.  In addition to these tasks, I also track a rotating inventory in excess of one million dollars that covers Campbell and Converse Counties that includes warehouses, gas plants and compressor sites.  I am also a part-time firefighter with the Campbell County Fire Department.  These skills and experiences will relate directly to the roll of equipment director for GHA as well as allowing me to be a competent member of the board.  My abilities to talk with and listen to others, work under stressful situations and handle multiple different activities at one time will be an asset for the GHA board.

Prior to this nomination I have not participated in other non-profit boards and I look forward to the opportunity to serve as part of the GHA board.  I believe that if elected to be a member of the GHA board it will offer an opportunity to continue expanding the opportunities for the youth within the program as well as help to grow the board even further into a group of people that are seen as helpful and responsive.  The biggest reason I am running for this position is to step up and strive to do what is best for the program, understanding that the participants at all levels are the only reason we are here.


How many players and at what level do you have in GHA (past and present)?

Currently I have a second year bantam on the black team and a second year peewee on the silver team playing for gha.  My youngest is still doing blades and avs this year.

What do you do in your day job? Will those talents be useful for the GHA board?

I am an engineer working for the City of Gillette.

Have you participated on other non-profit boards?

I am on the HOA board for our subdivision.

Why do you want to be a part of the GHA board?

I just would like to be a part of the board to help keep the association running, and also to be a part of the decisions that will ultimately determine what experience the kids have in the organization, and help to decide what we are teaching the kids. Everything the organization does will have an impact on the lives of our players, and who they become as members of society.  I think the board has an important role is setting the objectives for the entire organization and determining what the kids learn from their time with GHA.  


My name is Kristie Mitchell, I am running for equipment manager for GHA. I have an in home daycare for a couple of kiddos and have been in the child care industry for the last 14 years as well as rec league softballscore keeper and volleyball ref. Having these jobs keeps me organized,  detail oriented and focused. I have an almost 14 year son who is a first year Bantam and been playing since he was 5 starting with learn to skate and blades and avalanche. I have served on one other non-profit board, it was for Picking Up The Piece, a textile recycling group, trying to reduce clothing and linens into the landfill and creating the local clothing swaps for less fortunate community members that stills serves Gillette and Campbell County. I feel I could be am asset to GHA with a fresh perspective and new ideas! 



Hi, I'm Josie Apodaca and am currently your GHA scheduler. I am seeking to continue on in this roll for another term. We have been involved with GHA since 2006. I have a High School player who is out on the injured list, as he broke his leg playing pond hockey over Christmas break. We hope to have him back next season strong as ever and with 2 years left in the association. I also have a 20 year old son who started in the Parks and Rec program, Blades and Avalanche and has worked his way through the ranks and is currently rostered on our Jr Wild team. 
When I'm not working my magic with our game and practice schedule I am a sonographer (otherwise known as Ultrasound) at Campbell County Health. I am very good at multi-tasking whether in my paid profession or my side gig as your scheduler. I have a good rapport with our rink manager, Individual team managers and coaches and also with our league schedulers across the state. 
I look forward to working with you all and to make every player our #1 priority.